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Interview with En Japan

Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd. continues to create businesses and expand its organization with the support of various people. We bring you an interview series "CHEER UP!" introducing our cheerleaders.This time, it is en-Japan's AMBI Sales Leader Yuto Fushiki and Social Impact Recruitment Project Leader Miyu Mizuno. From the start of recruitment activities with en-japan to the implementation of the first “Social Impact Recruitment Project” as an operating company alone, these two have been involved in various angles at the turning point of our recruitment activities!

-First of all, could you both introduce yourself and tell us how you found our company?

Mr. Fushiki - I am in charge of sales at en-Japan for AMBI, a job information site for young high careers. When I talk to companies, I look at their websites, but when I see articles introducing sustainability and SDGs initiatives, I wonder, "How should I evaluate and judge SDGs?" something happened. When I searched the Internet using keywords such as "SDGs, evaluation indicators," I came across a media article, which led me to learn about Sustainable Labo, and I wondered, "Is there such a company?" I felt that they were a company that would be needed by society in the future by visualizing non-financial data, and I wanted to support them.

Mr. Mizuno - Since April 2021, he has been the leader of the "Social Impact Recruitment Project". In this project, en-japan will provide company-wide support for recruiting human resources for important positions to solve social issues. It goes to a wide variety of people. After joining en Japan as a new graduate, he gained experience in sales and management at "en Career Change". After that, I became the leader of this project. I learned about Sustainable Labo from being introduced to it within the company, which led to this support. (described later)

-What kind of project is the “Social Impact Recruitment Project” that our company is also talking about?

Mr. Mizuno-en Japan has a purpose of "Increase the number of people who work hard for the sake of others and society, and make the world a better place ~Inner Calling & Work Hard~" It is an important project that embodies that purpose. The predecessor project has been implemented since 2017, and in January 2022, it will be renamed the "Social Impact Recruitment Project" and will strengthen its efforts such as renewing the special site.In recent years, the need to incorporate people with various knowledge and professional perspectives into important missions is increasing in all government agencies, local governments, and companies. In response to this growing demand, we are actively working to support recruitment related to projects that will change the country and society and have a large social impact. In addition, many people enter the special site of this project with search keywords such as "social impact" and "social contribution", and many people inquire about projects after posting. I feel that the number of people who are looking for work from the perspective of social impact is increasing year by year, and I feel that the project is worth doing. We decided to work with Sustainable Lab on this project with the desire to deliver appropriate job offers to those who value social significance.

The “Social Impact Recruitment Project” started together in May 2022. As the first private company to participate in this project on its own, Sustainable Lab is recruiting for all positions together with en-japan.

-When Mr. Fushiki asked us, "Would you like to use AMBI?" We were in the phase of strengthening recruitment, and at that time we contacted you again. I remember that he approached me with passion through all means, including emails and phone calls.

Mr. Fushiki - I was interested in Sustainable Lab (as mentioned above) and contacted them as a sales representative in the spring of 2021, but at that time I did not immediately connect with them. After that, I took on the role of management, and I began to think that I would like to focus on supporting companies that are focusing on SDGs and solving social issues. Therefore, I wanted to support Sustainable Lab again, so I approached them around March 2022. We believe that we can make Japan and the world a better place by supporting the careers of promising young talent. I felt that the challenges Sustainability Labs was taking on overlapped with what we were aiming for. When I thought about a company that would match the service concept of "lighting the hearts of young people with high potential", Sustainable Labo came to mind first, so I proactively approached them. .

- Thank you so much! I remember being struck by the passion and wanting to somehow introduce it. After that, I was asked if we could work together on recruitment activities that go beyond AMBI, mid-career career changes, and the use of the Engineer Hub. Could you tell us how it happened?

Mr. Mizuno - Mr. Fushiki and the director in charge of the Social Impact Recruitment Project introduced me to Sustainable Labo, saying, "There is such an interesting company." I myself have been focusing on government recruitment support until now, but it was also the timing when I thought that economic growth would not lead to economic growth unless the policy of the government and private companies worked well. I sympathized with the idea and efforts of Sustainable Labo to increase the number of “strong and kind” companies in the world, and I strongly felt that the disclosure of non-financial information is a hot topic and that it has the potential to scale in the future. is. I would like to introduce Sustainable Labo to job seekers! I thought, and I called out.

-I heard that we are the first company to support a business company independently. Why did you choose us as a startup in the first place?

Mr. Mizuno - Sustainable Lab's efforts are the basis for measuring social impact, which will be the basis for promoting sustainability and the SDGs, which will spread in the future. Our support will lead to the support of companies that are strengthening the SDGs in each field, and we believe that it will continue to have a positive impact on the world as a whole. That's one of the reasons I got it.Another reason is that I felt that the policy of en-japan, which emphasizes both subjective justice and profitability, is compatible with Sustainable Labo, which operates a business centered on being strong and kind. . I felt that the human resources service industry and non-financial data science, although the industries are different, have similarities.I believe that support for startups is very important for the future of the Japanese economy. Our first startup support was at Sustainable Lab, but we plan to actively support various companies in the future. We also want to support the flow of human resources that accelerates innovation when industries that are in need of innovation take on new challenges.

- I'm so happy, thank you! What is your impression of the Sustainable Lab team?

Mr. Fushiki - I believe that all of these people embody your company's philosophy of being strong and gentle. I have talked to recruiters of many companies so far, but there are not so many people who talk about the philosophy. Since Sustainable Labo talks about their philosophy first, I get the impression that they really value their philosophy and that everyone is looking at the same world. I think it's a rewarding workplace.

Mr. Mizuno - I also think that strong and kind people are exactly the people of Sustainability Lab. What made me particularly happy in the process of working together was when we were talking about whether we could work together on a social impact recruitment project, CEO Mr. Hirase said, "The response and effectiveness of your application are important, but I agree with your message. I am grateful that you are looking in the same direction and that you have called out to me, so let's do it!" It was an opportunity to realize that the judgment axis and way of thinking of the sustainable lab is "strong and gentle".

Mr. Fushiki - And I think the team is very global. There are other companies that are working to visualize the SDGs, but in many cases the human resources are complete in Japan. I think the uniqueness of Sustainable Lab is that it has global human resources and sees the SDGs not only from a Japanese perspective, but from an international perspective.

-Sustainable Lab is recruiting to create a “strong and kind” team, but what is a “strong and kind team” to you?

Mr. Mizuno-En-Japan has a policy of "coexistence of subjective justice and profitability", which is close to the idea of "strong and gentle". I think. In order to survive under the current rules of capitalism, it is essential to be economically strong and profitable. I don't think so. I think the condition for a strong and friendly team is to have a good balance of what to do and how to make a profit.

Mr. Fushiki - Who do you want to deliver your service/product to? What do you want to accomplish in the future? I believe that a strong and kind team is a group in which each and every one of us is fully aware of this and is facing the same direction.

-Finally, please give us your hopes and messages of support for Sustainable Lab!

Mr. Fushiki-If the SDGs are not quantified and visualized, those who promote the SDGs will win, and companies with financial strength will have an advantage. By visualizing the SDGs, truly “strong and kind” companies will be able to receive a solid evaluation and grow as a company that can spread its wings around the world. For companies that want to do something that will have an impact on society, they need to first visualize their social and environmental contribution. It is difficult to analyze the current situation, such as whether or not I think that the "awareness" that emerges through visualization is extremely valuable. I'm rooting for you to become a service that will support you when you take the first step of sdgs initiatives!

Mr. Mizuno - By expanding the scope of the Sustainable Lab, we hope to create a positive cycle of “increasing the number of companies that will be featured in social impact recruitment projects!” I would be happy if I look forward to the growth of both Sustainable Lab and en Japan!

- Thank you! We are strengthening our recruitment activities together with en-japan. If you are interested in data science and sustainability, or want to be involved in zero-to-one startups, please apply!

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